The Geek of Wallstreet


This blog documents my journey in quantitative finance, stocks, options and python. My mission is to share the lessons that I learn on this journey. My hope is that someone who stumbles upon my work might be able to use it to shorten their learning time. Proceed to the blog or real time earnings with the buttons below.


As I continue my journey in life, I realize the value of time. The time it takes to write and design content is a long process. It’s time away from work, family, and the projects a home owner find themselves completing day in and day out. As a young hacker (not THAT long ago) it was a very steadfast belief that all information should be free. As I’ve seen the internet evolve, I would not have half the skillset I hold today if the early internet didn’t hold those same beliefs. However, time does have value, and as such, I will not hold back content, but I will ask for your donation in one form or another. You can follow the links to my Patreon, or buy swag / merch to promote my blog. Much thanks!